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Fabrics for historical re-creation

Welcome to Time Travel Textiles.
I am a weaver and textile researcher most interested in the approximately 1000-year history of the horizontal handloom as the primary weaving technology in European culture. What this means to me is looking at the probable routes of introduction of the horizontal loom; how it changed the structural characteristics and availability of fabric; how those elements influenced fashion; and the parallels between this process and the Industrial Revolution.
This has led to an interest in the equally-lengthy and influential history of India's export-textile industry, and -- somewhat inadvertently -- to my becoming a very minor fabric merchant. Despite all the changes in the technology of commerce and communication, when a shipment arrives in battered boxes and smelling of sandalwood, it can seem to have traveled as much across years as miles.
Over time I will continue to populate this site with the results of my research, and supporting information for the textiles in my store.